Homeownership has never been simpler

A home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Complete Home Concierge makes it easier than ever to enjoy your home while increasing its value.

Our Story

As a lawyer, Daniel Weberman was used to paperwork. But when he became a homeowner, he found keeping paper records on mortgages, deeds, repairs, home services, and more overwhelming. He knew there had to be a better way than a jumble of paper records in a folder that was always growing and never organized. So, he built an app to make it easy to store, organize, and access everything you need to manage your home.

Users loved knowing there was one safe, secure place to track documents, contractors, costs, and more. As Daniel talked to users to find new ways to add value to Complete Home Concierge, he realized busy homeowners needed more than an app. They needed someone to actually manage home projects and services. Too many homeowners were putting off repairs and improvement projects simply because they didn’t have the time or energy to manage them. And Complete Home Concierge was born.

Daniel Weberman

Daniel Weberman – Founder of Complete Home

Why Complete Home Concierge

Any Service, Any Time

Large, small, urgent, long-term improvements. Plumbing crisis today, plans for a new security system, or major renovation – one phone call covers it all.

Trusted Professionals

We thoroughly vet all contractors and service professionals so you know you are getting quality service at a fair price.

No Upfront Costs

Your needs change over time. Use your concierge when you need them. No upfront costs, no minimums, no commitments.